Demons are REAL

Statistics say that 60% of Christians don’t believe in the devil and 30% don’t believe in hell. Whether your a Christian or not, if you are reading this, the question is what do you believe? This moment is not coincidental, God wants to bless you through my hell and open you are eyes to what some deem to be fictitious or imaginary. Journey with me and discover that “Demons Are Real” but victory belongs to you! God I pray for the person that’s reading, stir up the gift of faith that dwells within even now! Help them to feeleven in this moment they are loved by you and you are with them till the end of this world!


  • My Story.
  • Demons in the Darkness.
  • Can Christians be Possessed?
  • 14 Months of Hell.
  • Deliverance and Healing.
  • Satan’s Plan and Operation.
  • The Danger of Psychics.
  • Religious Prayer Won’t Work.
  • Ready For War.
  • Fighting With the Devil.
  • Demons in My House.
  • Queen of Hell.
  • Take Authority.

Video Testimonials

Deliverance and Curse Breaking Prayer
Demons are REAL 01
Demons are REAL 02